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09 Mar

DDWCAC statement on Maitreya Festival

DDWCAC statement on Maitreya Festival

We have been informed that amongst the information required, with the application to Buloke Shire Council but not received, was a Cultural Heritage Management Plan.  A Cultural Heritage Management Plan is a way of protecting and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage, with the involvement of Registered Aboriginal Parties, while allowing development to proceed.   A Cultural Heritage Management Plan is a written report, prepared by a Cultural Heritage Advisor, containing the results of an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed activity on Aboriginal cultural heritage. It outlines measures to be taken before, during and after an activity in order to manage and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage in the activity area (Source http://dpc.vic.gov.au/index.php/aboriginal-affairs/aboriginal-cultural-heritage/cultural-heritage-management-plans).  

The applicant has been informed, that this is a legal requirement before Council can grant a planning permit.   Until we are advised otherwise there has been no attempt to develop a Cultural Heritage Management Plan .


Rodney Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Dja Dja Wurrung said that “Further to our statutory role, it is our view to support local government in their responsibility to have consistent and rigorous planning processes, and we would want anyone seeking a permit for any reason as administered by local government to respect the Councils role.  There are many activities which make up vibrant and healthy communities and it is disappointing that those that have sought the permit from Council have potentially placed the broader community in a difficult situation economically”.